Tuesday, 12 June 2018


When you have spent in beautiful new wooden flooring for your house, the final thing which you'll want to end up faced with is a mark or scratch.

Evidently, accidents can occur and when flooring has been walked over on a daily basis, maintaining it completely mark free could be a practically impossible task. This certainly does not mean you have very little choice but to allow the appearance and condition of your flooring disintegrate however, as there are ways that you are able to keep any marks into a absolute minimum.

Although it may sound quite clear, dragging furniture around wooden flooring needs to be avoided at all costs, as even the slightest movement could lead to a big, unsightly scratch. That is why it's a very wise idea to put mats or rugs under furnitureanything which stops it from making its mark.

If it comes to cleaning flooring, you need to ensure you only use products that are 100% acceptable. Taking chances with unsuitable cleaning products can find you causing a fantastic amount of harm - which could prove quite costly to fix.

Should you require help with protecting your hardwood floors, ask an expert - that they will be very happy to help.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018


For the ones that have taken one look at their older wooden floor and decided that it is high time something is done about it, this may not prove to be as costly as you thought.

Although having new hardwood flooring put in can transform a space, the wood itself will still require the time to settle into its new environment. Therefore, 1 option which may be worth considering is that the renovation and refinish of the existing floor.

Obviously, there'll be a number of factors which will contribute to the viability of this. If there is a good level of harm to your traditional flooring, then it may be a good idea to take up it and begin again -- but you would be surprised what a professional wooden flooring business can do in order to revive even the most neglected of floors.

It is certainly not going to be too much trouble to get the experts in to evaluate the situation and give you an honest appraisal of the current state of your floor. They might very well imply that new flooring is installed but, then again, the optimal solution may be to return your old floor to former glories instead.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

How to Protect Your Floors During a Move

From trying to keep all your belongings organized to unpacking and acclimating to a new residence, moving just is not fun- particularly moving from the cold winter or moist seasons of the South.

Among the many goals during a move would be to not damage the home your leaving and the home you are moving to. Your flooring is the most vulnerable to damage during a movement due to all of the traffic it is getting. The tips below will help minimize the abuse your floors will take during a move. It's very important to protect your floors during a move for many reasons.